Monday, March 14, 2011

Indie Reads Appreciation Week

Today is the kick off for the first annual The Indie Reads Appreciation Week

I decided to host this event because I feel like independent authors simply do not get enough credit. Honestly guys, there are TONS of amazing indie authors out there, but unfortunately they don't have the promotion power that big publishers do. Hopefully, we can spread the indie love this week and introduce you all to some amazing books!

All of these amazing bloggers have some great giveaways in store for you, so be sure to stop by them all:

What's Going On This Week

I have a great week planned out for you here too - there are going to be guest posts, reviews and giveaways! Here is the tentative schedule:

Kick Off Day & Giveaway Announcement






Indie Reads Appreciation Week Wrap-Up

Now, for the prize packs :) We have some wonderful prize packs up for grabs - thank you to all the authors who made them possible! You can enter to win as many of the prize packs as you want. Most of the prizes are ebooks, but don't worry you don't have to have an ereader to read them - You can download them in all sorts of formats, including pdf. Also, you can download a kindle reader from amazon for your computer :) You can also read kindle books on ipods and some phones. *please read the stipulations on the prize packs :) Thank you!

Prize Pack #1 
*A Chance for Charity & Mudslide are available in the ebook format of your choice
Anathema is available in a paperback (U.S./Canada only) or as an ebook (international)
 1. A Chance For Charity (The Immortal Ones #1) - S.L. Baum
2. Anathema (Cloud Prohpet Trilogy #1) - Megg Jensen
3. Mudslide (Survival Series #1) - Veronica Dauber

Prize Pack #2 
*all books are Ebook versions - Rick Frost & Snow Burn are available in the ebook format of your choice - The Flight of the Silver Vixen is only available for the Kindle
1. Rick Frost and The Alaskan Adventure - Todd Bush (EBOOK PREORDER)
2. Snow burn - Joel Arnold
3. The Flight of the Silver Vixen - Annalinde Matichei

Prize Pack #3
*Beautiful Sins & The Soulkeepers are available in the ebook format of your choice
Into the Shadows is available in a paperback (U.S./Canada only) or as an ebook (international)
1. Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery - Jennifer Hampton
2. Into the Shadows - Karly Kirkpatrick
3.  The Soulkeepers - G.P. Ching

Prize Pack #4
*all books are Ebook versions - available in the format of your choice
1. Half-Inch - McCarty Griffin
2. Monster Story - McCarty Griffin
3. Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble (Jolie Wilkins #1) - H.P. Mallory

Prize Pack #5
*all books are Ebook versions - prizes only available in Kindle Edition
1. Camille - Tess Oliver
2. Hollowland (Hollowland #1) - Amanda Hocking
3. Hush Money (Talent Chronicles #1) - Susan Bischoff


Bibliotropic said...

Really looking forward to seeing all the indie stuff that gets promoted. And I know I'd love to enter for some of those prize packs, but I'll hold back and save them for others who might enjoy them more. Seems unfair to be hosting a giveaway of my own for this event and then to enter somebody else's. :)

Anne said...

I think it's great you're promoting Indie Reads! I don't read enough of them, and I'm excited to see what you can recommend!

TNBBC Super Mod said...

I'm an indie lover and blogger. Too bad I hadn't heard of this before today. I think what you are doing is great. Is this primarily Ya??

Smash Attack Ash said...

Awesome - thanks so much for doing this! I support all authors. :)

Shah Wharton said...

I love indie authors but find it difficult to find them - this is great - esp as I have a kindle too. I'm a follower and I've entered! Fingers crossed. Glad I found this fabulous blog! Stop by mine any time -

Shah .X

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