Review Policy

I would be elated to review a book for you.  I review Speculative Fiction (Dystopian, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance.. that sort of thing) and all types of Young Adult. If your book strikes my fancy, then I would be pleased to review it for you. Nevertheless, I feel it is fair to tell you that I normally do not read memoirs/biographies or nonfiction books.

I am an equal opportunity reviewer; I don't care if the book is published at a major publishing house, a small publishing house or if your book is independently published - if it sounds interesting, I will consider reviewing it.
Please understand that if I agree to review a book, it may take up to two months for the review to be posted. I read a lot of books and have a full functioning life outside of my blog which includes working and being a full time student, so it may take some time to read the book and complete the review. I will notify you as soon as the review has been posted.
It is also important for you to know that I keep my reviews candid and truthful. I feel that it is important to me, my readers and you, as the author, that I give my honest opinion of the book.  I will also include cover art and publication details in my review. My review will be posted on goodreads and any other site you wish (just let me know where to post it).
I have decided to use the 100 page rule. If I have read 100 pages of your book and have not connected to the story, I reserve the right to post my review based on those 100 pages.
Thank you for selecting my blog to review your book, please email me at if you wish for me to review your book!

* I would also love to host interviews, guest posts, giveaways or any other sort of promotional content, if you are interested just email me.

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