Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tune In Tuesday {030}

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Ginger at GReads. It's a fun way to share your favorite music with other bloggers and hopefully introduce them to so truly kickin' tunes :)

The Babies - Moonlight Mile
Favorite Line: You better watch your mouth and who you're talking about 
I'm not sure what it is about this song, but it's so addicting. It makes me want scream along with it and drive fast. 

Brandi Carlisle - Pride and Joy
Favorite Line: That's the problem with the days, they're never long enough to say what it is that you never said - all the books you never read
Every time I listen to this song, it gets to me. I've always liked Brandi but I recently actually listened to her CD's and I'm in love. Her music is full of such emotion.

Dierks Bentley - Sideways
Favorite Line: hey now here we go, DJ don't you play nothing slow- keep those girls out on the floor, gotta make wanna come back for more
Bringing out the country today. I'll admit it, I'm becoming a fan of country. What can I say? It's fun and catchy... two things that I love.

Rizzle Kicks - Down With the Trumpets
Favorite Line: We're rowdy, girls make our judgement cloudy, but when the sun comes through we're still alcys, We don't wanna be lowsy, or shameless, but we're running round like we're brainless
Yes. I love this song. I found them through youtube (I was listening to the amazing Shwayze) and this was a recommended video. The rest is history.


Born Bookish said...

Yay, another country fan! =) I love Dierks Bentley!

Hollie said...

Brandi Carlile has such an emotional voice! Thanks so much for the introduction, I'll be looking into more songs by her! And Rizzle Kicks and just awesome. I got to see them live earlier this year and they were amazing performers.

My Tune in Tuesday

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard any of these songs before, but I really liked "Moonlight Mile" in particular. Thanks for sharing!

My pick for this week: http://youbookmeallnightlong.wordpress.com/2012/08/21/tune-in-tuesday-hey-glad-girls/

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