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Review: With My Last Breath by Courtney Cole

Book: With My Last Breath by Courtney Cole
Series: The Bloodstone Saga #3

Previous Books in the Series: Every Last Kiss (#1), Fated (#2)
Genre: Fantasy / Young Adult / Time Travel
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Available Formats: Paperback / Ebook
Publication Date: September 1st, 2011
First Sentence:  "I was floating in a dark place, a place where I was all alone."
How Did I Get This Book:  Kismet Book Tours
Just when Harmonia thought she had saved everyone she loved, the unthinkable happens and her life is shattered… in the space of just one breath.

Now, she is left alone to shoulder a challenge, because she alone can fulfill a prophecy and restore Olympus. She knows she can succeed; she is the daughter of gods, after all. But will doing so cause her to lose herself?

To find Zeus’ sword, she is forced to return to a place that she knows will cause her pain. But she willingly goes in order to save everyone she loves, because pain alone cannot kill her. Or can it?

At the time of writing this review I have already finished reading the entire Bloodstone Saga. That being said, With My Last Breath is easily my favorite.
Whenever I begin one of these books, I play a little game. I never read the descriptions or reviews, because I want to be surprised by where the characters end up. First it was ancient Egypt, then it was ancient Greece. Now.... Camelot! I've loved each setting (Cole definitely knows how to pick them) but what can be better than Camelot?

Not only does With My Last Breath have a great setting, but it also features some amazing character development. Over the past few books we've gotten to know Harmonia rather well, but we've been kept in the dark about Ares and Aphrodite. Sure, we've encountered their human versions, but we were never really introduced to them as gods. Well, in this third installment, that all changes. Ares and Aphrodite are fully awakened and are their godly selves throughout the entire course of the book. Harmonia, Ares and Aphrodite all poses the knowledge of their true forms and it certainly makes for an interesting time. It's incredibly entertaining to see them struggling to fit in within Camelot. 

It is also nice to see their relationships with each other. In the past books,  they've all known each other; but they were held back by the societal constrictions at the time and their forms at the time. Harmonia didn't have a maternal relationship with Aphrodite because in their past lives they weren't mother and daughter; likewise with Harmonia and Ares. Now, we get to see their bonds at full strength.

I've always enjoyed all of the characters, but now I feel like I know them better. I am particular fond of Ares. He may just be my favorite. I love the contradictions within him; he's the god of war, but he is so delicate and thoughtful with Aphrodite and Harmonia. Plus, he's a total cut-up. Aphrodite is quite amusing as well. I've never really liked her in Greek mythology (or in an retellings),  but Cole did a remarkable job with her.

Honestly, I don't know what else to say about this. It's amazing - just like the first two books. I plot is exciting, intriguing, creative and incredibly imaginative. And the love story. Oh, I just adore Camdus and Harmonia. They go through so much that you just want to see them finally happy. Can you imagine being reincarnated for thousands of years and having every one of your lives end in tragedy? If anyone deserves a happy ending it's these two. 

If you haven't started this series yet, I really recommend that you do. It's amazing and I promise that you won't regret it!

Favorite Quotes
Cool hands grasped my shoulders and tried to pull me away from Camdus, but I wouldn't have it. I was going nowhere. I clutched his shoulders, breathing him in. I was determined to stay with my husband no matter what. They would have to pry me away. And then someone did.
Her bones felt thin and hollow beneath my fists, but her frailty didn't deter me. I wanted her to feel my pain.
The thought of his mind wandering while long sharp objects were trying to knock him off his horse alarmed me.
You're much too pretty to be bloody.
Perfect. I would have an unbalanced psychopath on my hands armed with immortal supernatural power. This night kept getting better and better.
"I do not give a rat's front teeth about decorum right now," my father enunciated clearly and loudly. "I have a hole in my side! Have you not noticed?"
He looked at me for a moment, studying my face. What I had requested was very brazen for these times, something a lady would never do. But I wasn't a lady. I was a goddess and I would do whatever the hell I felt like doing.
My screams were loud enough to reach the corners of the earth.
"I can never watch you die again," I cried as tears streaked down my cheeks and fell onto him "I cannot do it. Are you listening?"

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