Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Great Debate: Built-Ins Vs. Furniture

 So I have a hotly debated topic for you folks – something that I argue with people on a daily basis. It may not be that big of a issue in normal households, but I never claimed my family was normal. I am talking about the great debate of built-ins vs. purchasing furniture in new homes.You see, my parents are both real estate agents who work for builders. Now, when a person decides to purchase a house from them, they get to start from square one and make it just how they like it. For me, this is where the magic would begin. You had better believe I would be stuffing built-ins in every single nook-and-cranny. However, for some crazy reason, most people choose to leave them out. Their argument is that you can move furniture around – it makes your house more flexible. They want to be able to change their bookshelves, LCD TV stands, desks and benches. People change their minds a lot, and if you don’t include build-ins that’s easier to do. 

Well, I do agree with them - to a point. I would not want all of my furniture to be built-ins. I would want the ability to move and change things like dressers, desks and TV stands around. 

But when it comes to bookshelves and storage, I think that the built-ins give a home charm and flair. They make it yours. Especially when everyone else on the block is picking the exact same floor plan you are. Therefore, I have spent hours upon hours thinking about and googling different built in options – here are some of my favorites:

So tell me readers, what to you think? Are you more a fan of built-ins for your bookshelves, or do you prefer the flexibility that furniture gives you?


Savannah said...

I would love to have built in shelves. Right now, I have my husband build them as I need more. I think it would be less of a hassle to have them already installed. Plus they have some great designs.

Christy @ TheReaderBee said...

I agree, I love built-ins! If we ever get to rebuild my office, it will totally have them. :)

Jennifer said...

My husband and I are getting ready to decide on our floor plans. You have given me a LOT to think about! I imagine you get a lot more storage out of the built ins.

Bibliotropic said...

I like both, really. I'd love to live in a place that had built-in bookshelves, but knowing the way I collect books, I think I'd have to have an entire room with built-in bookshelves to hold everything without me needed to get some standalones anyway! They each have their conveniences!

Annette Mills said...

Love built ins. They give a house such a HOMEY feeling. However, if I were in a short-term situation, I'd probably use the furniture. If I intended to stay in my house for many years, then heck with resale - I'll build the built ins.

Katie said...

What a great post. I'm an either or kind of girl. My husband really wants built in I will stop having him move the library around.

Karen said...

I LOVE built-ins. I have several pics saved for when we build our next house, we will have a dedicated library and I could not be giddier.

While some bookcases are pretty, I think on the whole built-ins always look nicer.

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Hmmmm... this is interesting. When I think of built in book shelves, I think of a more old-fashioned look/style (don't yell at me). Of course when I think of it logically I think, it can be done anyway you want.

I'm not sure what I would do because it depends on the resale value of the house. It seems that most don't appreciate reading anymore. I'm so indecisive *sigh*

I'm going to say "both" and "it depends."

JS Grame-Smith said...
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Holly said...

Sounds like an interesting job that your parents have, I've never had built-ins at home so I've always thought they looked magically especially bookshelves.

Anonymous said...

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