Monday, February 28, 2011

Guest Post & Giveaway with Karen Metcalf {In The Storm}

Today we have Karen Metcalf stopping by for her blog tour. She is here promoting her new young adult book, In the Storm, which was released on February 15th.

Why reading defines me.

Reading has been a big part of my life, as I’m sure it is for anyone reading this blog. It wasn’t easy to find a quiet place to do so with four brothers and sisters running around. Of course, we shared rooms, and there weren’t many places in that house to hide out.  My older sister Amy, knowing my passion, once cleaned out an entire walk-in closet, stuffed it with pillows and blankets, and dubbed it my reading place. I absolutely loved it, and sometimes I wish I had one even today. 

As I grew older, I found time to read at school. I was lugging around books for pleasure that were heavier than my textbooks. I had an hour and a half bus ride, which I used to my advantage every day. Those must have been lonely rides for my poor bus driver; Mrs. Spencer. Luckily, she was the librarian, so I think she understood. 

My best friend Brittany shared my passion. When we started college, we lived less than a mile away. She would come over, and we would sit in complete silence, our noses stuck in our books.  Her boyfriend thought this was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard of. What’s the point in coming over if we weren’t even talking?

But this is exactly why our friendship was and is so precious to me. We tell each other that we are living our lives in reverse; retirement first. I hope to share books with her for many years to come. I am lucky enough to have several people in my life who share my passion, and some of my favorite books have been recommendations from them. 

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, just a good read. I never thought that would be one of the things that defined me, but it truly has.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  

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Karen was kind enough to provide two lucky readers with ebook copies of In The Storm. To enter, simply fill out the form below. The Giveaway is open internationally and ends March 13th at midnight.


krishnakalro said...

The book sounds really great!

Love the part about you and you best friend! That was so sweet! =) me and my bff do it all the time too!

Theresa said...

Morning! Thanks for joining BLB ebook tours! Could you email me so that I have your email addy? I need to send you some info. Thanks!


Barb said...

Hi Sarah!
Welcome to BLB! Happy that you are joining us! I can be found at Sugarbeat's Books

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