Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Some Girls Bite

Book: Some Girls Bite - Chloe Neill
Series: Book 1 in the Chicagoland Vampire Series
Book Rating: 5/5

Book Description

Sure, the life of a graduate student wasn’t exactly glamorous, but it was Merit’s. She was doing fine until a rogue vampire attacked her. But he only got a sip before he was scared away by another bloodsucker—and this one decided the best way to save her life was to make her the walking undead.

Turns out her savior was the master vampire of Cadogan House. Now she’s traded sweating over her thesis for learning to fit in at a Hyde Park mansion full of vamps loyal to Ethan "Lord o’ the Manor" Sullivan. Of course, as a tall, green-eyed, four-hundred- year-old vampire, he has centuries’ worth of charm, but unfortunately he expects her gratitude—and servitude. But an inconvenient sunlight allergy and Ethan’s attitude are the least of her concerns. Someone’s still out to get her. Her initiation into Chicago ’s nightlife may be the first skirmish in a war—and there will be blood.

I am not going to lie to you. I resisted this book for a long time, because the cover looked incredibly cheesy. I was turned off by the name of the book, and shrugged it off as yet another vampire story. Then, I was looking through the shelves at my local library when I decided to give this book a try. I flipped it open and began reading.I couldn't put it down. The story drew me in immediately. I was drawn to Merit and really wanted to see how her story played out. I think that the author did a fabulous job creating a new and fresh world of vampires, when there are so many previous stories that could have been drawn upon. I also really enjoyed all the characters in the book, minus Ethan, who I feel.. lukewarm towards. However, the rest of Merit's gang is fabulous. Catcher, Mallory, Jeff, Lindsey and her grandfather are definitely a hodgepodge of characters that will be fun to follow in the future. If you are thinking about giving this series a try, please do. Merit is a highly entertaining, strong willed character who you will immediately rally behind.

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