Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Indie Reads Appreciation Week - BLOG HOP Sign Up

*Please feel free to use this image as a button :)

I, like many of you, have read my fair share of Independently released books. Thanks to sites like Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble, we as readers are given instant access to an array of different independently published books. With the recent success of ereaders like the Nook and Kindle, the Independent Market has been spreading like wildfire. There are so many remarkable indie authors out there, but unfortunately they don't always get the attention they deserve. Because they are self-published, they have no marketing team and no publisher to spread the word.

That's why I decided to host the first ever Indie Reads Appreciation Week - to pay homage to these remarkable authors and help spread the word about some of their amazing books.

The plan is to include a sort of blog hop, where each participant hosts a giveaway. If you are interested in hosting a contest, please fill out the form below. Each blogger will be responsible for providing their own giveaway prize - there is no minimum or maximum for prize value, whatever you feel comfortable with. The only requirement is that the prize needs to be related to an indie book. You can giveaway swag, an ebook, a paperback copy, or a gift card to place you can buy indie books (like amazon or B&N) - really anything that floats your boat. The last day to sign up is March 12th.

The dates for the event have been set for March 14-20. Giveaways need to be up on March 14th and they should be set to end on the 20th.  

*If you are an indie author and would like to contribute to the prize packs please shoot me an email at thatbookishgirl@gmail.com


Tea and Tomes said...

This is an awesome idea! I love promoting awesome indie authors and their books, so I signed up to be part of the giveaway. I'm looking forward to this!

Erika said...

Yes, this is awesome. I review a lot of indie books on my blog so hopefully I'll be able to share some of my favourites with everyone.

Do you have a button I can put on my blog or should I attempt to make one myself from your graphic?

Barb said...

Totally awesome idea!!! I'm so in :) I have some really good indie authors that need a push! Off I go to plan!

Barb at Sugarbeat's Books

Pamela Kaye said...

Looking forward to participating!

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