Friday, November 5, 2010

Film It Friday: Strange Angels (Lili St. Crow)

 So.. I have finally resurrected my Film It Friday feature :) I have just been super busy lately and it be completely honest, I've been spending what very little free time I have, reading. I just haven't gotten around to picking out casts :)

But anyways, I've picked out a cast for the Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow. Unfortunately, when it comes to the awesome character of Graves.. frankly, I am stumped. So, if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Oh and if you'd like - you can read my reviews of Strange Angels, Betrayals and Jealousy.

Anyways without further ado - here are the lucky chosen ones :)

Mr. Anderson (Jeffery Dean Morgan): Could it be anyone else? When I first read Strange Angels, I immediately thought of Jeffery (who will always be John Winchester to me). I mean come on. He has practice with the whole supernatural vibe and he totally has that tough guy yet loving father thing going on. Plus, I think he dies in like every movie/show he is in..except P.S. I Love You. Anyways, my vote is for Jeffery!

Dru Anderson (Kayla Ewell): Kayla seems like the perfect Dru in my opinion. I think she could pull off the whole tough chick thing and she is definitely pretty, but not in your face pretty. Dru is someone who doesn't give a crap about the way she looks - but yet still looks good. She has that whole girl next door thing going on, but this girl next door is also packing some heat. I think that Kayla could pull it off.

Christophe (Alex Pettyfer): Alex is Christophe. It is as simple as that - I honestly, can't think of anyone else who fits my vision of Christophe better.

You've seen my picks, but who would you cast in the film version of Strange Angels? What about Graves - any suggestions? Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

sam tsui is sooo Graves

Anonymous said...

I can't picture anyone but Steven R. McQueen as graves he'd be perfect all he needs is some contacts and lighter hair and he'll look great.

Anonymous said...

Sorry longer hair. Not lighter.

ChihuahuaCharms said...

There is no-one good enough to be Graves. <3 Or should we call him Edgar??

Love this book soooooooooo much - 'nuf said. :)

Anonymous said...

When I imagine Graves I think of Alex McKee

deea said...

I think Ezra Miller as Garves would be awesome!

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