Thursday, August 2, 2012

Destination Bookish: Paris with Amy Plum's Die For Me

 Destination Bookish is a new feature that I've decided to start. Basically, it focuses on the real life settings that are featured in the books I read.

This time we are going to dive into Amy Plum's young adult book, Die For Me. So who is up for a tour of Die For Me tour of Paris? Pack your bags and let's begin!

The Quay at Ill St. Louis
Vincent takes Kate for a ride on his vespa and they end up at The Quay at Ill St. Louis. Below is a video of the author, Amy Plum giving us a little tour.

Pont du Carrosuel
The location where Kate and Georgia see a girl jump off a the bridge and run into the Revenants for the first time.

The Village St. Paul
Do you remember that scene with the secret shopping courtyard? The one where Vincent takes Kate before they go back to Jules's studio. Well, here is the courtyard - The Village St. Paul. Isn't it lovely? It is just what I pictured.

 Courtyard of the Eglise St. Paul
You know that art studio I just mentioned? Well, here it is. This is Jules's art studio.

 Les Deux Magots
This is the restaurant that Vincent takes Kate to after school one day. The one that supposedly has the best hot chocolate in Paris :)

Pont des Art
Here is the foot bridge where Kate and Vincent share a kiss.

Mus√©e  Picasso
This is the Picasso Museum where Kate runs into Vincent and Jules in chapter 5.


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Amber said...

This is a very cool feature! I haven't read this novel yet but hope to soon and it will be nice to have some visuals!

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