Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tune in Tuesday {026)

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Ginger at GReads. It's a fun way to share your favorite music with other bloggers and hopefully introduce them to so truly kickin' tunes :)

The Kills - Heart is a Beating Drum

Favorite Line: And when you come to hate her, show her more than just a spark

I love these guys. Honestly, almost every song surprises me. They have a very distinct groove to their sound.

First Aid Kit - Emmylou

Favorite Line: No I'm not asking much of you - just sing little darlin, sing with me

I'm getting my twang on again. No seriously guys, there is something about this song that just pulls me in. It's so raw and so honest - I just love it.

Mat Kearney - On and On

Favorite Line: If there's one thing that I need to hear from you,  it's how we gonna see this through, how we gonna see this through? // Nothing worth anything ever goes down easy

Well you all know how much I love Mat. And if you don't.... have you been hiding under a rock? This is one of those tracks that really surprised me. He's got about 10 songs that gripped me right away, but every once in a while I connect to a new song. I mean, there isn't a song of his that I don't like, but I don't connect with them all, you know? I was driving home the other night and I had him on shuffle on my car stereo and this came up. I literally listened to it on repeat for the entire drive. I love when that happens: the universe aligns and a song just touches your heart.

Avalanche City - Love, Love, Love

Favorite Line: Girl, I say, if only life would lean our way,
Well, you and me, we'd run away to be wherever our adventure awaits,
And time would be a distant memory, nobody could tell us to stay,
Well, I've been dreaming ever since I've seen your heaven when you came my way.

Total and complete cuteness. I don't even really have anything else to say about it.


Tee said...

Oh My Gosh I love Love Love Love..its one of those songs that always makes me smile when I hear it..kinda like 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale! I like the Kills also, one of my Top 10 bands

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

Love Mat Kearney!

Becca said...

I adore First Aid Kit!! And you can't go wrong with The Kills. I actually haven't heard The Kills song, so I'm really glad I caught your post. Adding it to my iTunes :)

LitzaLou said...

Your picks this week are so... they're just so amazing! I love every single one of them, especially On and On & Love Love Love. LOVE!! :)

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