Friday, June 24, 2011

CSN Review: Zip-Out Market Bag

I don't know if you are all familiar with CSN, but they were kind enough to let me review a product for you guys. They carry all different kinds of things - bookshelves, cookware, luggage - really anything you could imagine. I had an incredibly difficult time choosing a product, but I eventually decided to go with a Zip-Out Market Bag.

You see, I love reusable shopping totes and I always keep a spare one in my purse. I use them for practically everthing, including hauling books around (of course!). I wanted a large tote that could hold a lot of weight, something that could withstand all of my trips to and from the library. Thankfully, my new Rowallan Sanderling Marley Zip-Out Market Bag (isn't that a mouthful!?) seems up to the job.

I decided to go with the Raspberry, which by the way is both Raspberry and chocolate brown. When the bag is closed it is raspberry, but when you open it up the actual bag part is chocolate brown. Hopefully, you can make sense of that from the picture.

So far, I have come up with three reasons why this particular bag is ideal for carting books around - the size, the material and the flat bottom. The bag expands to a rather large size, which is great, because I tend to carry a lot of books to and from the library. The website says that the bag is constructed out of microfiber, but honestly that doesn't mean much to me. What I can tell you is that it is incredibly sturdy. The problem I've had in the past with these type of bags is that they cannot hold a lot of weight, which means they tare and fray. I really don't see that being an issue with this bag. Lastly, like I said above, the bag has a flat bottom, which means books will lie flat - and therefore, you can stack them.

I was able to fit all 9 of those books (including some large hardcovers) with room to spare. Honestly, I have to admit, that I really love my bag. I was a little bit afraid at first, because I could not find what the color of the actual bag was in the description. I was terrified that I wouldn't like it and I would have to carry around an ugly bag. Honestly, that is the only complaint I have about the whole process. I wish that the website would either list the color combination or provide pictures of all of the bags open, not just the green (which by the way has a blue interior).

***The bag does fit into my purse, but you may want to check the dimensions before you buy one. If you have a small purse you may have a problem.

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