Friday, September 17, 2010

Film it Friday: Firespell by Chloe Neill

So, guess what!? It is Friday again, so its time for another installment of Film it Friday. I haven't really had the time to do this feature the past couple weeks - I've been really bogged down with school work (stupid college! :D). But, I am going to try my best to publish this feature every week from now on, because it is so much fun to do!

This time around I chose to put together a cast for the book Firespell by Chole Neill (Chicagoland Vampire Series). The book was published in January of this year and was amazing. Book 2, Hexbound will be coming out in January of next year. Also if you haven't yet, check out my review of Firespell.

Alright, so I picked out actors to portray three of the main characters in Firespell, Lily, Jason and Michael. I just could not find someone for Scout. I think I had such a difficult time with her, because she was my favorite character and nobody seemed to fit the bill.

Jason Shepherd: (Lucas Till) So Jason is Lily's love interest in the book and is described as having dark blonde hair and blue/indigo/turquoise (basically some crazy shade of blue) eyes. He also apparently has long eyelashes and some killer dimples. I think Lucas would make a great Jason.

Lily Parker: (Selena Gomez) So, Lily is described as a girl of average height, with "dark hair and eye liner and fabulous fashion sense". I can see Selena as Lily, she is almost what I pictured her as. I have seen her on her show on Disney (I'll admit it) and I think she is actually pretty funny. I believe she could pull off the character of Lily, and I could totally see her rockin a Ramones T-shirt, flannel, a old pair of converse sneakers and those awesome vintage yellow boots we hear so much about!

Michael Garcia: (Tyler Posey) So, if any of you has seen Maid in Manhattan (yes, unfortunately, I did.. but I was about 12 when the movie came out), Tyler played Jennifer Lopez's little boy. Wasn't he adorable? I recently stumbled on a picture of him now, at 18. He looks exactly like my version of Michael. Michael is Scout's love interest and he is a very caring, compassionate character. Tyler looks like a genuinely nice guy, which is how I think of Michael. 

What do you think of my cast? Do you like my choices or do you have some suggestions? Who could you cast as my favorite character, Scout Green?

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Chloe Neill said...

Oooooh, fun! Thanks so much for sharing!


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