Friday, August 13, 2010

Film it Friday: Gone Series by Michael Grant

So, I have decided to introduce a new weekly feature to the blog, called, Film it Friday. Every week I will post a movie cast that I have envisioned to portray a book or series. I will only do books that have not been made into movies yet, because that seems a bit like cheating. I will pick actors and actresses that portray my vision of the characters and I encourage all of you to tell me who you would pick to star in these "movies". Please keep in mind, my choices will not be perfect, this is just meant to be for fun!

For my first official "Film it Friday" I have chosen to create a cast for Michael Grant's Gone Series.

Sam Temple - Jeremy Sumpter
Alright, I know he is too old to be the Sam from the books. But, Hollywood does some weird things and they often make book characters different ages in the movies. I mean, look at Percy Jackson. In the book, he is what 12? In the movie, he is like 80. No, he's actually 17 I think, but you get the point. Honestly though, while I was reading I pictured Sam as Jeremy, he just seemed to fit the bill for me. 

Astrid Ellison - AnnaSophia Robb
When I was reading the first book in the series, my Astrid looked almost exactly like AnnaSophia. The strange thing is, I didn't really know who this girl was. I hadn't seen any of her movies, but I recently watched Race to Witch Mountain and I thought, "That's Astrid!". Isn't she perfect? She is exactly how I envisioned Astrid the Genius!

Lana Arwen Lazar - Emily Browning
Again, yes, she is a little old... but Emily Browning would make a great Lana. She is a wonderful actress and I think she could pull off all the drama that comes with the character.

Brianna "The Breeze" - Dakota Blue Richards
It took me a while to come up with someone for Brianna, but then I remembered Dakota from the Golden Compass movie. I wasn't exactly a fan of the movie, but I thought she did a great job. She isn't exactly what I pictured for Brianna, but she is close enough.

Diana Ladris - Lucy Hale
Lucy would be perfect as Diana! I think she is absolutely gorgeous and she could pull off the witchy attitude that comes with the character. I think she would make a great villain!

Orsay Pettijohn - Abigail Breslin 
I think Abigail would make a wonderful Orsay. She is almost what I pictured and I can absolutely she her roughing it in the woods for 3 months.

Well, that is the part of the cast that I chose. I know it is seriously lacking with the male characters, but it is hard to find young teenage male actors, there are plenty of girls to choose from, though, as you can see. What are some actors you would use for Quinn, Caine or even Orc? How about Edilio or Albert? I couldn't come up with anything, can you?


little_lime said...

hi i thought u might like this:

im also trying to come up with a cast for the gone series and that's what i've got so far

Sam:) said...

wow. i think it's uncanny that they also look like what i pictured as well. however i think that sam could be played by the guy on the front cover better...
hey + guess what my name is sam and i thought it was strange because he kind of acted like me!!!

little_lime said...

that's kinda cool... i dont know about sam because the guy on the front cover is probably just a model...

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